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No one wants to think about death, more-over, why prepare for it?  I can see some people have a valid concern.  One thing for certain in life, is death.  Instead of preparing for death, prepare for life after death.  When you are called to your eternal home, your love ones will still be here morning you.  When people lose their love ones, their emotions will be running high and when tasked with final arrangements, the last thing they need to worry about is how.

In one final loving act you can prepare your final wishes and arrangement once and never have to worry about it again.  In preparing you can help relieve some of the financial burden that fall on love ones in the event of your untimely end.

Things to have in order for family members to readily access 

  1. Life insurance policy.  Who ever you trust with this should have other pertinent information as well or at least know where to find it.
  2. Where you would like to be put to rest.  (burial Lot along with number if purchased in advance.)
  3. Employemet contact information if you are employed. Most employements offer some sort of life policy.  They would need to have that contact information.
  4. Will or final wish list.  The person being task to handle final arrangements need to know what your final wishes are for them and your things.
  5. Executive of estate designee information if there is any.
  6. User name and passwords to all banking and investment instruments.
  7. User name and passwords to all online social media accounts, emails, as well as any other pertinent institutions worth recording.
  8. Lawyer name and numbers.
  9. Tax information.  W2 or 1099 information.
  10. Vehicle insurance, registration, and title to make it easy to sell or transfer title.

Of course this is just a small but important list.  You can expand it if needed.  There are many different final arrangement book where you can keep all your important information centralized.

Post Author: David

David is licensed by the state of Texas in Life, Accident, Health, and HMO helping individuals and their families for the past six years. David is a husband and proud father and values God and family.

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