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I have discovered that everyone’s needs are different for acquiring insurance. Whether accident, Life, Final Expense, etc. Therefore, I believe listening to the needs of my clients is important to understand how to provide the value that best meets their needs. For example, I have sat with people who love their family so much that they try to prepare in a way life can go on without financial hardship if the breadwinner were to die unexpectedly. Some families experience not having plans in place. But, on the other hand, I have heard many people say they cannot afford to purchase life insurance, which may be true for some. However, I have talked with family members who had a different perspective, and the need was not recognized or realized.

My Mission And Goal

As a consultant and agent, it is my goal to help families uncover their goals for the future if a family member were to die. What changes would take place? Would the family remain in the home, or would they have to move? How would this affect the children, and how would their lives change? If the unexpected happens, how prepared are we? I aim to help families uncover the true value in their own preparation and find peace of mind in their decisions that will impact family members if some in the family were to die.

This is an emotional journey for some more than others; sometimes, it is not easy. But, it is also transformational to see the peace of mind that comes over the family when they put the right program to cover everyone in the household. Then, I can leave their home knowing I was able to bring value to that family. The joy I receive from helping families find peace of mind is priceless.

I truly hope I can help and serve you.

If you believe I can help serve you and your family. Fill out the form below, and I will respond ASAP!

Post Author: David

David is licensed by the state of Texas in Life, Accident, Health, and HMO helping individuals and their families for the past six years. David is a husband and proud father and values God and family.

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